HOPA Annual Conference 2019

When: April 3–6, 2019

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed to help pharmacists and pharmacy researchers, administrators, technicians, residents, and interns who are specializing in hematology/oncology practice, as well as associated oncology/hematology professionals, improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery while maintaining high-quality patient care.

Why You Should Attend

Attending HOPA’s annual conference provides you with information about the latest developments in clinical trials, therapeutic regimens, treatment guidelines, and emerging technologies. Your attendance also positions you to better participate in healthcare initiatives and clinical decision making that will have a direct and positive impact on management of care for cancer patients.

The 4-day conference is intended to educate attendees about promising research and new treatment regimens, to provide clinical updates on treatment of tumor types and new supportive care therapies, and to present an overview of common clinical and technical issues that arise in the hematology/oncology clinical setting.

Getting Approval to Attend

Here are some tips to help you get approval from your supervisor to attend the HOPA Annual Conference.

  • Review the conference materials with an eye toward addressing your hospital or facility’s current needs or plans for the near future.
  • Prepare an estimate of costs in advance, including registration fee, membership fee, airfare, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses. Remember that registering on or before Friday, March 1, 2019, will save you $50 on your registration fee.
  • Emphasize the opportunity you have to gain up to 16.75 credits at the conference (and up to 20.75 credits including the preconference session).
  • Identify a back-up person or process to ensure work coverage during your absence. Perhaps you can ask an assistant or department head to help.
  • Seek approval from your supervisor immediately. An early request shows that you are a careful planner, and you may be able to take advantage of savings on both the registration fee and airfares. Should your supervisor have any questions, you will also have ample time to address them.
  • Put your request in writing. Include a time-off request, your expected expenses, the specific benefits that your conference attendance will have for the hospital or facility, and the knowledge you will gain from the conference (refer, for example, to a session teaching a skill that you will be able to learn or enhance).
  • Sometimes asking in person is better. Be sure to have all of the information about the conference with you for your supervisor to review.
  • Ask for your supervisor’s recommendation of classes for you to attend. Encourage your supervisor’s involvement in your educational development.
  • If you have attended the conference in the past, explain to your supervisor how the education offered particular value to your patients or institution.
  • After asking for permission, follow up in a timely manner. A gentle reminder or an offer to discuss the conference may lead to approval.

NEW in HOPA AHEAD 2019: Flipped Classrooms

New to the HOPA conference this year will be Flipped Classroom sessions. Three educational sessions will offer an additional 0.5 CE credit each to be completed before your arrival at the live sessions in Fort Worth. These prework sessions allow you to gain the knowledge of background information, case studies, and other preparatory materials so you can dive right in to the material at the conference!

Flipped Classroom prework will be posted to My Education Library at least 1 month prior to the live meeting. Note: you do not need to complete the prework in order to attend the conference sessions. Completing the prework is optional; however, if you do not complete the prework, you will not receive the additional 0.5 CE credit beyond the normal CE credits offered for the streamed virtual session. Prework will be available for completion until the last day for claiming Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) credits for the 2019 Annual Conference (May 30, 2019).

The following sessions for live conference attendees will contain prework and the opportunity to earn an additional 0.5 CE credit for each:

Wednesday, April 3

Friday, April 5

See the Schedule of Events for more details about each of the sessions offered.

15th Anniversary Celebration and Reception

Friday, April 5

6–9 pm
Supported by Genentech

At this year’s conference, the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Join your colleagues and fellow attendees as we celebrate 15 years of hard work, dedication, and accomplishments from our more than 3,000 members! Dress for the occasion with a BBQ dinner, drinks, live music, and a Texas-themed photo booth. The event is casual, so put on your jeans, boots, and/or cowboy hat for a night of fun with HOPA under the Texas sky! Hope to see y’all there!

Please note: This event is included in your registration. No additional sign-ups are required.

HOPA Thanks Our Conference Supporters

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