Conference Recap

It turns out everything is bigger in Texas, including the HOPA Annual Conference which took place in Austin, TX, in March and brought in record attendance with more than 1,000 registrants! Hematology/ oncology pharmacists from across the nation gathered to discuss current research in the screening and treatment of patients with solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, learned about new and emerging therapies for patients, and reviewed recent developments in medical literature regarding medications and dosing. Nearly half of the HOPA membership joined together to share knowledge and expertise over 3.5 days. Meeting attendees took advantage of Austin to discover the great food and arts and entertainment scene the host city offered.

Several preconference events allowed attendees to maximize their time in Austin with extended networking and education events. New this year was a postconference offering from the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Fundamentals of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.

Toby Clark, MSc FASHP FFOP, delivered the John G. Kuhn Keynote Lecture. His address offered thoughts and reflections from his unique vantage point as a pharmacy observer and traveler to more than 500 facilities throughout the world. With nearly 50 years of experience in observing and consulting for hospitals and health systems throughout the world, his keynote address, What Is Your Footprint?, was extremely impactful and thought-provoking.

In addition to six specialty sessions and 10 breakout sessions, HOPA was pleased to offer a breadth of general session topics delivered by industry experts throughout conference, including the following:

Emerging Therapies in CLL
Jeffrey Bryan, PharmD

Investigational Agents
Rowena Schwartz, PharmD BCOP

New Drug Update: Marketed Agents
Monique Giordana, PharmD BCOP

Practice Panel: Survivorship
Jeff Sivik, PharmD BCOP; Lew Iacovelli, PharmD BCOP CPP; Sarah Peters, PharmD MPH BCOP; Kerry Parsons, PharmD BCOP

Resistance, New Antibiotics, and Continued Fun with Fungus: What the Oncology Pharmacist Needs to Know
James Lewis II, PharmD FIDSA

Targeting the Immune System in Cancer
David Frame, PharmD

HOPA extends a huge thanks to the many other industry professionals who shared their insights throughout conference events!

New this year was an attendee lounge that provided opportunities to “Relax, Network, and Get Charged.” The conference also held oncology interest group discussions with conversations on administrative, ambulatory, bone marrow transplantation, new practitioner, and pediatrics topics.

President Michael Vozniak, PharmD BCOP, delivered exciting high- lights from the year during his member address: the launch of the HOPA Central online discussion group, the possibility of becoming the primary professional development provider for BCOP Recertification, and the success of the 2nd Annual Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program. Dr. Vozniak announced the launch of HOPA’s Fellow Program, which will further advance oncology pharmacy as a profession. HOPA also made great progress as an organization through our health policy work. These developments are just a portion of the efforts HOPA has undertaken to continue to serve our mission: to support pharmacy practitioners and promote and advance hematology/oncology pharmacy to optimize the care of individuals affected by cancer. HOPA was pleased to acknowledge the contributions of board members who worked diligently throughout their time in office and whose terms came to a close:

     • Niesha Griffith, Past President
     • Daisy Yang, Secretary
     • George Carro, At-Large Member
     • Michelle Rockey, At-Large Member.

Once again, thank you all for your leadership, service, and commitment to HOPA.

Dr. Vozniak’s term as president also came to a close, and he welcomed our new president, Scott Soefje, PharmD MBA BCOP FCCP. Dr. Soefje’s career is filled with numerous milestones and contributions to the field of hematology/oncology pharmacy, and we are thrilled to welcome him as the leader of HOPA. As the board members mentioned above completed their leadership service to the organization, HOPA is delighted to welcome several new board members.

2015–2016 HOPA Board of Directors

     • President, Scott Soefje
     • Past President, Michael Vozniak
     • President-Elect, Sarah Peters
     • Secretary, Helen Marshall
     • Treasurer, Jolynn Sessions
     • At-Large Member, David DeRemer
     • At-Large Member, Jill Rhodes
     • At-Large Member, Ryan Bookout
     • At-Large Member, Heidi Finnes

We thank you in advance for your willingness to continue driving HOPA’s success and future direction!

With a strategic plan that will carry HOPA through 2020 and a variety of new developments in the works, we are confident that HOPA will continue to advance the field of hematology/oncology pharmacy and will serve our members to ensure that their investment is a worthy one.

Thank you to all who attended HOPA’s 11th Annual Conference. We look forward to HOPA’s 12th Annual Conference March 16–19, 2016, in Atlanta, GA, and hope to see you there!