2018 BCOP Emerging Issues in Oncology Webinar Bundle


Up to 5 hours of BCOP and ACPE credit with successful completion of all webinars

This offering will include all webinars from the 2018 “Emerging Issues in Oncology” series. The following webinars are part of this webinar bundle purchase.

  • Updates from ASH scheduled for release March 8, 2018
    BCOP credit for ASH webinar available until September 4, 2018

  • Updates from ASBMT scheduled for release May 17, 2018
    BCOP credit for ASBMT webinar available until November 13, 2018

  • Updates from ASCO Solid Tumors scheduled for release August 23, 2018
    BCOP credit for ASCO Solid Tumors webinar available until February 19, 2019

  • Updates from ASCO – Hem Focus scheduled for release September 27, 2018
    BCOP credit for ASCO – Hem Focus webinar available until March 26, 2019

  • Updates from ASCO Quality scheduled for release November 15, 2018
    BCOP credit for ASCO Quality webinar available until May 14, 2019

This product is no longer available for purchase.