BCOP Recertification Frequently Asked Questions

HOPA provides opportunities for pharmacists to earn continuing pharmacy education credit toward recertification of their Board Certified in Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP) credential by offering four unique programs each year.


Board of Pharmacy Specialties 

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS), provides the certification process for the BCOP, which certifies specialists in oncology pharmacy and includes an initial certification exam. BPS requires recertification, either by exam or through continuing pharmacy education. For more information about the certification process, please visit the BPS website at Pharmacists do not have to be HOPA members to attain BCOP certification.


Maintaining BCOP Certification through Continuing Pharmacy Education

A Board Certified pharmacist must earn 100 BCOP recertification credits every seven (7) years to maintain the BCOP specialist certification.

HOPA developed 38 specialty sessions for BCOP recertification credits. BCOP-certified pharmacists who attend any of HOPA’s BCOP offerings and pass an online test will receive that program’s credits towards their recertification.

Some of our FAQs:

I recently was certified in oncology pharmacy. What is the recertification process?

Once an individual passes the certification examination, the length of certification is 7 years. For recertification, specialists may elect to take an examination or earn 100 credits through continuing pharmacy education. HOPA provides 38 credits annually through the live specialty sessions. Additional courses are available through ACCP and ASHP. For more information contact BPS.


How many hours can I earn toward BCOP recertification from HOPA's specialty sessions?

HOPA provides 38 hours of recertification credit when you pass the BCOP posttest, and since the courses and test are new each year, you may earn 38 credits every year.


Can I earn ACPE credit for the specialty sessions if I am earning recertification credit?

Yes, all BCOP education offered by HOPA is eligible for ACPE credit and relicensure credit. BCOP credit can only be obtained by completing the associated BCOP test at the end of every session/product/module and passing with a 75% or higher.


If I don't pass the post-test, can I retake it?

No, each test may be taken only once each calendar year.


Can I login and print the test before filling out my answers?

Yes. When you reach the BCOP Test page you may navigate to the top of the screen and print. In order to be able to log back in at a later time and input your test answers you should not begin answering questions until you are ready to submit. Once you begin answering questions the test must be completed in one sitting or else your answers will be lost.


How long will each posttest take to complete?

Each BCOP posttest takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


When is the deadline to submit the test?

BCOP recertification education products purchased from HOPA in 2017 will expire at 11:59 pm CST on December 31, 2017. All posttests must be completed prior to this deadline in order to earn BCOP credit.


How do I access the BCOP products I have purchased?

Find the 'My Account" button on the top toolbar and login. On the left toolbar there will be a "Downloads" button. A PDF will be accessible for you to download with instructions on how to access your purchased products.


The HOPA Member discount is no longer available for the ACCP/ASHP BCOP Products. Why is that?

In 2015 HOPA was awarded providership status for BCOP recertification programs. As such, HOPA created an independently developed BCOP program, discontinuing its joint partnership and collaboration with ACCP and ASHP to offer BCOP programming. ACCP/ASHP and HOPA are the two BPS-approved continuing education options for recertification credit in Oncology pharmacy. As independent providers, each provider retains the right to independently determine pricing and discounts. Pricing and discounts are determined individually. Any questions regarding pricing and discounts on non-HOPA BCOP programs should be directed to ACCP/ASHP.


When will my credits show up on my BPS account?

HOPA has set-up a credit transfer schedule with BPS to submit credits for posting once a quarter. All credits will be back-dated for the year in which they were obtained. Each year, credits will be transferred on these dates to BPS. BPS has 2-4 weeks to post these to accounts.


Transfer Date


April 1-5


July 1-5


October 1-5


January 1-5


How do I access my NABP number?

To access your NABP e-Profile ID number, please contact the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.


How do I access my BPS ID number?

To access your BPC ID number, please contact the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.