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LKennedyLeAnne Kennedy, PharmD BCOP FHOPA

Current Employment
Pharmacy Clinical Specialist Blood and Marrow Transplant| Wake Forest Baptist Health | Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Director, PGY2 Oncology Residency | Wake Forest Baptist Health | Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Election Statement
I am so honored to be considered for the position of president-elect of HOPA. Over the past 15 years, I have seen HOPA grow from a small young organization to an established organization regarded by others as the expert in oncology pharmacy! I have served HOPA in a variety of activities from being chair of the education committee to being HOPA first ACPE administrator and helped to get HOPA established as a CPE provider. In addition, I have given several different presentations at HOPA and know how hard the committee works to plan a meeting and to plan an effective presentation. However, I have never taken the next step of running for an elected office. HOPA has helped me in my professional development and I am ready to give back to the association.


Susanne LiewerSusanne Liewer, PharmD BCOP FHOPA

Current Employment
Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator, Stem Cell Transplant| The Nebraska Medical Center | Omaha, Nebraska

Clinical Associate Professor | Division of Pharmacy Practice | University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy

Residency Director Postgraduate Year Two – Hematology/Oncology | The Nebraska Medical Center | Omaha, Nebraska

Election Statement
I am running for President-Elect of HOPA because I believe in its core organizational values and I would be honored to have the opportunity to lead HOPA in its pursuit of having all individuals affected by cancer to have a hematology/oncology pharmacist as an integral member of their care team. As members of HOPA we have been very fortunate to have experienced tremendous growth under the direction of our current and past presidents. During this time, HOPA has empowered oncology pharmacists through educational programming, the development of an advocacy agenda, cultivating future oncology pharmacy leaders and promoting excellence in pharmacy practice. As President-Elect I would continue to encourage HOPA’s growth as an organization and continue to support education, development of future pharmacy leaders and promotion of pharmacy services. One of my personal goals for HOPA would include to continue expand our advocacy platform. HOPA has made a presence within interdisciplinary advocacy groups, but it is now time to identify key issues that directly affect individuals with cancer and champion these issues on their behalf. Through the development of a patient oriented advocacy agenda, the promotion of pharmacy practice within interdisciplinary audiences, and the development of oncology pharmacy standards it is my goal to continue to exceed the needs of our membership. I believe HOPA will continue to capitalize on its current momentum towards achieving its goal of having every individual affected by cancer recognize the importance of oncology pharmacists.


Sally BarbourSally Yowell Barbour, PharmD BCOP CPP FHOPA

Current Employment
Director, Oncology Pharmacy Programs | Duke University Medical Center | Durham, North Carolina

Oncology Pharmacy Residency Program Director | Duke University Medical Center | Durham, North Carolina

Election Statement
As a potential future leader in HOPA, I bring a variety of experiences and skills learned over the past 20 years that I believe could help the organization achieve its goals and objectives. Some specific examples are:

  • Professional development: I bring 20 years of clinical practice experience as well as experience in developing various types of educational opportunities that have advanced the knowledge and skills of oncology pharmacists and technicians locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Professional resources and tools: I have been involved in several national oncology guidelines, worked with past Board members to develop HOPA's strategy for developing guidelines, white papers, etc. and lead the development of competency materials at my institution.
  • Research: I have been involved with research in a variety of ways over my career and would use these experiences to work with the board and our members. One current HOPA objective of particular interest to me is to foster/encourage collaborative participation in outcomes research demonstrating the efficacy of hem/onc pharmacists. This was the theme of my oncology resident project as well as some work we have done recently at my institution.
  • Advocacy-I am passionate about the role of hem/onc pharmacists and technicians and what they have to add to the care team. When given the opportunity to talk about what we offer, I am always vocal to showcase all the positive things we add to the care of our patients and would continue to encourage our members to advocate for our profession in a variety of ways.


Stephanie SutphinStephanie Dixon Sutphin, PharmD BCOP

Current Employment
Hematology/Oncology Residency Program Co-Director | UK HealthCare | Lexington, KY

Hematology/Oncology Clinical Coordinator | UK Healthcare | Lexington, KY

Assistant Professor, Adjunct | UK College of Pharmacy | Lexington, KY

Election Statement
HOPA is about people. When my father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, I truly understood the mission of HOPA, knowing my pharmacist colleagues had the resources and knowledge to take care of him. Ironically I had reviewed the protocol and developed the order sets that were used on his clinical trial. That same year I went to Capitol Hill, advocating for better communication from industry and quicker responses to managing shortages. How powerful speaking on a personal level to members of congress to explain how that my dad was at risk of not receiving treatment due to inability of pharmacy to obtain the drug. If you have not read the strategic plan lately, I want to point out that all aspects were part of his care: professional development, resources/tools, research, and advocacy. While I hope you never experience this so close to home, I know every member of HOPA is committed to its mission and vision, and through each action we take on a daily basis in practice, we are optimizing the care of those affected by cancer. I know I have the leadership skills and commitment necessary to serve as secretary. I want to get back to the member level to know your ideas of how HOPA can meet your needs, how you can contribute, and to make sure you have a voice in this organization. I feel like my biggest strength is making connections with people so hopefully I will get to know each of you, confident that together we can make a difference.

At-large Board Member

Margie CurryMargie Curry, PharmD BCOP

Current Employment
Adjunct Instructor | Emory University School of Medicine | Atlanta, GA

Adjunct Clinical Professor | Mercer University College of Pharmacy | Atlanta, GA
Hematology/Oncology Clinical Pharmacist Specialist | Grady Health System | Atlanta, GA

Advanced Clinical Track (ACT) Coordinator | Mercer University College of Pharmacy | Atlanta, GA

Election Statement
I am truly excited to have the opportunity to serve on the HOPA Board of Directors. I joined HOPA as a student and have always been an active member, holding leadership roles on multiple committees including Membership Chair, Membership Vice-Chair, two terms as Professional Affairs Vice-Chair and recently represented HOPA in Washington DC for Hill Day. If elected, I will continue to support HOPA’s core purpose by supporting pharmacists in order to optimize the care of individuals with cancer.

I wholeheartedly serve an indigent patient population with limited access to care and work daily to provide access to lifesaving medications. Throughout the US, many patients do not have medical coverage, leading to lack of medication access and treatment disparities. The oncology pharmacist’s roll is expanding and is critical to patient care as pharmacists must assure the drugs are obtained and continuity of care is maintained. In order to expand oncology education and access to medications, I will continue to support goals for professional development and advocacy for pharmacy legislation.

As a preceptor and mentor, I hope to instill the importance of active learning, teamwork and research. Regardless of specialty, pharmacists treat patients with cancer and must have access to practice standards. In order to assist pharmacists serving cancer patients, I will support efforts to develop practice standards that are easily accessible. I am passionate about helping patients with cancer, and as a Board member, I will assure that the voices of the membership are heard on a national level.


Jeremy WhalenJeremy Whalen, PharmD BCOP

Current Employment
Specialty Clinical Program Director – Oncology | Prime Therapeutics | Bloomington, MN

Clinical Assistance Professor | University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy | Minneapolis, MN

Election Statement
I am honored to have been nominated for this position and look forward to continuing my service to HOPA. Being an active member since my PGY1 residency in 2007, I served on the membership committee early on, celebrating when HOPA hit 1000 members. I’ve worked on the Session Proposal Work Group, as Chair for 2 years. Demonstrating my commitment, I was invited to serve as the Program committee’s Vice-Chair and Chaired the 2017 Annual Program. These experiences gave me the opportunity to hear the needs of the membership and provide educational sessions to support and help them grow in their practice.

I will bring a strong voice to represent the small, community practice oncology pharmacist.

Since my PGY2 oncology residency I have worked in a community setting with 4 oncologists and a pharmacy department of 5. Tasked with staffing an oncology infusion center and on-site retail pharmacy, it was easy to be overwhelmed by the lack of resources and support. Through HOPA I gained knowledge, resources and confidence to drive forward and expand my practice, enhancing the care provided. As the Oncology Manager I’ve helped expand various pharmacy services to more patients. I will strive to assure that every pharmacist, whether residency trained or not, has the resources to succeed and demonstrate how invaluable we are to patient outcomes.

I believe every clinic with an oncologist should have an oncology pharmacist. Patients should not only ask for us by name but we should be required by payers and accrediting bodies.