Summary of March 20, 2018 Board Meeting

Susannah E. Koontz, PharmD BCOP FHOPA
HOPA President, 2017–2018

Just prior to the start of the HOPA 14th Annual Conference, the HOPA Board of Directors held its last meeting of the 2017-2018 governance year, and my last as President and Board Chair.  This all-day, in-person meeting gave us an extended opportunity to work together in preparation for the coming year.

The Board’s first order of business was a generative discussion examining the role of value and quality improvement within HOPA’s program initiatives.  The Board recognizes the importance of quality in today’s healthcare conversation, and we are committed to incorporating this concept into the strategic direction of our programs.  Therefore, we will be establishing an oversight committee charged with producing a plan for quality initiatives both within our association as well as in conjunction with external stakeholders.

Next, the Board continued its exploration into establishing a HOPA journal and integrating pharmacy students into our committee structure.  On the first topic, I am excited to report that a task force is being formed to evaluate options for HOPA to have its own journal for publishing member scholastic contributions and our organization’s resources.  On the second topic, the Membership Committee provided its recommendations for ways students can become more involved in HOPA.  Going forward, we will designate positions for students and residents on select committees, so look for these exciting opportunities.

The Board then took several steps to further expand HOPA’s capacity to offer education programs, tools and resources, and research funding to our members.  First, HOPA will be working with PPAG (Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group) to provide advanced-level programming eligible for both BCOP and BCPPS (Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist) re-certification credit.  Second, our oral oncolytic practice standard, as constructed by a task force led by Emily Mackler, is in the stage of final editing and expected for release this summer.  Third, we are pleased to announce a partnership with AstraZeneca to provide research funding later this year for early career investigators focused on B-cell malignancies.

Two additional Board actions relate to our future and our past.  First, I am pleased to announce that HOPA’s 17th Annual Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon from April 14-18, 2021 – our first meeting in the Pacific Northwest.  Second, HOPA will become a sponsor of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy (AIHP), which will provide a formal mechanism for curating our association’s history and the evolution of oncology pharmacy.  This timely collaboration comes ahead of our next organizational milestone – our 15th Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas from April 3-6, 2019.

Finally, I offer my sincerest thanks to my fellow HOPA members for allowing me to lead your association over the past year.  As I mentioned in my presidential remarks in Denver, serving as your 14th President was the professional opportunity of a lifetime.  And while I may not have mentioned you by name along the way, please know that you, as a HOPA member, were in my thoughts every day as I worked on your behalf.  I am grateful for your support and dedication to this organization.  As always, my door remains open, so please never hesitate to knock!