Keeping patients informed is important to HOPA. We will continue to add additional resources over time, so be sure to check back for more.

Patient Flyers

Questions About Your Cancer Medicines

The Questions About Your Cancer Medicines flyer provides patients with information they should ask their oncology pharmacists about the cancer drugs they are being prescribed.

Taking Chemotherapy Medicines by Mouth

The Taking Chemotherapy Medicines by Mouth flyer provides patients who take chemotherapy medication by mouth an overview of how these medications work and how to maximize their effects.

What Your Oncology Pharmacist Does

The What Your Oncology Pharmacist Does flyer provides patients an overview of what an oncology pharmacist does and their role as a part of each patient’s healthcare team.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer

An Inside Look at the Pharmacist's Role in Cancer Care

Over the years on Frankly Speaking About Cancer, they’ve interviewed countless physicians, social workers, nurses, oncologists, surgeons, mental health professionals and scientists—to name a few. But, one person encountered during the cancer experience who plays a vital role and has not yet been heard from is the oncology pharmacist. On this episode of Frankly Speaking About Cancer you will learn more about the role the pharmacist plays in the cancer experience.

Time to Talk CINV

Gain a better understanding of CINV, how to prevent it, and why it matters.  

In a recent collaboration between HOPA and Eisai, studies show that 83 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy may be unnecessarily suffering from Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV).  HOPA and Eisai have developed some resources patients can use to learn more about CINV and speak about it with your pharmacist about CINV

Patient Assistance Programs

Patients can find potential assistance for cancer drug expenses. 

Pharmaceutical companies often provide programs to help patients with the high cost of cancer drugs. HOPA's Industry Relations Council Participants offer these Patient Assistance Programs

Informational Video Library 

HOPA YouTube Channel

HOPA has created several videos about the role of the hematology/oncology pharmacist  on the cancer care team. You are welcome to show these in your facilities and share them with your patients and their families.